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Medical Weight Loss in Fargo

At Fargo Medical Weight Loss Specialists we are dedicated to the health and well-being of each of our patients. Our medical weight loss programs focus on the individual health and needs of every patient.

Your medical weight loss program will be fully individualized to you, meaning that no two patients will experience the same program structure. We take the time to make sure that you are at the center of your medical weight loss program. By putting you first we help you to put your weight loss first, and together we will work to help you reach your weight loss goal and keep the weight off long-term.

Throughout your involvement with our Medical Weight Loss Program you will work directly with our Medical Weight Loss Specialist. Our Medical Weight Loss Specialist will help you to form your weight loss goals and work towards a healthier lifestyle with weight loss foods and guidance.

The Medical Weight Loss Program

At Fargo Medical Weight Loss we are prepared to begin helping you reach your weight loss goals from the very first visit. Your initial visit will last approximately 3 hours. This visit is extended because it is incredibly comprehensive. This is our first chance to get to know you, and we make sure to put your best interests first from the start!

During your program with Fargo Medical Weight Loss, we will continue to monitor, encourage and support you in reaching your weight loss goals. During the active part of the program we will meet with you once a month to evaluate and discuss your progress. Our weight loss program does not use pre-packaged foods or meal replacements. We focus on educating patients with the correct nutritional guidelines. Patients tell us every day that our program is DOABLE and they are able to integrate the nutritional guidelines in their everyday life. The specific aspects of our weight loss programs depend entirely on you. Every program is customized depending on different factors such as your age, health, and BMI at the start of the program.

After completing the active weight loss phase of our medical weight loss program you will be transitioned to our medical weight management maintenance program. During the maintenance phase regular visits will be reduced from monthly to every two, three or six months depending on your individual needs. Eventually you will not need to return to the clinic. However, you are a patient for life and we are always here for you.



If you would like more information regarding our medical weight loss programs please contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Berry.